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Robbert van ede

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
Theodore Roosevelt

In the serene backdrop of a lush nature reserve, Robbert van Ede leads with decisiveness and genuine curiosity. His holistic and intuitive approach quickly sets a tone of deep connection, both with the environment and within each participant. On a nature walk coaching session, Robbert integrates peak performance insights with personal consciousness development, offering a transformative experience that resonates deeply with his audience.

Robbert’s method is a blend of modern science and ancient wisdom, practical yet profound, making every session—whether outdoors or in corporate settings—rich and impactful. He utilizes innovative techniques like Metavital technology and Being in Balance coaching to elevate well-being, translating complex insights into simple actions toward tangible outcomes for his clients.

Participants find Robbert’s coaching transformative, appreciating his unique ability to connect them to a field of endless possibilities. His work not only aims at enhancing professional performance but also at fostering personal growth, embodying total freedom, and pure, unconditional love.

Outside his professional realm, Robbert engages in various sports and explores his inner world, emphasizing the importance of a balanced life. His mission is clear: to shift collective consciousness, promoting a life filled with joy, meaning, and abundance.

What MY Clients tell me

I hired Robbert as my personal and professional development coach. I was impressed by his skills and abilities. It was unbelievable to me how much knowledge Robbert can use, on the spot, to evoke new insights on the topics I discussed. In addition, he challenged me and pushed me outside my comfort zone in a kind and compassionate way. He asked the right (tough..) questions and yet created space for me to introspect and reflect.
Robbert is a great person to work with, he is kind, has a big heart, and definitely goes above and beyond. His coaching has allowed me to make significant leaps on a personal and professional level. I highly recommend his work!

Maarten de Schipper, COO at Data Science Lab, Co-founder of Xomnia

“Robbert is a great person who will let you discover your new energy paths. He’s able to elevate you to the next level of consciousness with love in these precious times. He combines his knowledge of the great inspirers of the renowned world with his own authentic beliefs today.”

⁠Bart Hanen, Strategic Implementation Lead at Johnson & Johnson

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Are you ready to unlock your untapped possibilities, embrace holistic well-being, fill your heart with love, and lead with purpose? I’m here to guide your
transformative journey today.

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Step into a New Reality

You’ve already taken many steps in your development, but you’re still seeking answers, something deeper. You wish to break free from your past, worries, and trauma. Besides mental, emotional, and physical development, you’re also interested in spirituality, but dogma holds you back.

Imagine coming into contact with your inner truth, where intuition, trust, and love within yourself liberate you from the past. A reality where you are free from who you thought you had to be, where you can give and receive love unconditionally. Where rejection means you’re on a different wavelength and something better awaits you. Where recognition is a bonus instead of oxygen. A life where you feel worthy to shine and receive, full of fine connections with loved ones and an abundance of beautiful experiences.

How do you integrate this into your work? Does this inner work also make you a better leader? Will you then experience more connection or even love in collaboration?

“My holistic approach ensures that you feel more Lifeforce energy, Love, and Freedom in all aspects of life, including manifestations in your romantic, work & financial endeavors. Since, as within so without; your personal reality and experience of life transforms as a reflection of your inner transformation.”